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Awesome game Devin! Very original and the gem swapping can lead to some very interesting combinations

Im very happy you like it! :) Thank you for the comment!


Ten Rings is one of the best roguelikes that I have ever played. The game looks great and plays very well. The idea behind utilizing rings and insertable gems for your survival is a fun and interesting design choice that gives Ten Rings a great deal of replay value and a huge variety of possible gem combinations to create many different rings. The progressively difficult areas keep the journey exciting and constantly evolving so that nothing ever gets repetitive. I have done quite a few runs of Ten Rings and I still find each playthrough to be unique and with something new and exciting to learn each time.

Such a compliment! Overjoyed you like it :)


One of the more creative twists on the roguelike genre.

You start out with you bare knuckles, but quickly fill them up with nice bling, which happen to shoot lazers, lightning and many more crazy effects.
The game feels very intuitive and I had a ton of fun trying out different combinations of rings, gems and enemies.
I've found this game is great to fill a coffeebreak with (or longer if you are better than me ;). Recommended to everyone!

I'm glad you took it as a coffee-break Roguelike, definitely a design intention! So glad you enjoy it :)  

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Awesome!  I have been looking forward to this game :)

I like it so far.  I am a little confused about the hunger thing, as I have found no way to alleviate that yet.  Finding a regeneration ring proved very helpful though, and I get the hang of using the flaming ring too.  The gassy rings seem to do more harm than good so far...


I am glad you enjoy it so far! 

Interesting kinds of effects.  I had a regenerative ring of flame, so I could heal myself, but I would also be set on fire :)


Lol quite a tricky choice, remember you can remove gems from rings with shift+d :)

Ah, I did not know!  I was able to do it when I found a new gem and could replace them...


Cool! Let me know what else you find :)